Why postponing your wedding is not all so bad 


   I won't pretend that it is not a bummer that you needed to postpone your wedding because of an incidental virus. I am not here to give you a cliched remark such as, "it's not about the wedding, it's about your love" or "it will be even more special when the day arrives."


No. But, what I will do is provide an optimistic view of your wedding being postponed to most likely next year. From my understanding, most venues are "closing their doors" to weddings in 2020 and resuming them in 2021. Check your local wedding venue for up to date information.


Attitude is a choice.

So is optimism. Try not "to worry about what you can't control, but instead, shift your energy to what you can CREATE." This advice is much more insightful and helpful.


You have an opportunity to save up more.

The money that you were saving up + the now extra time to save up more = a new opportunity to invest in what you couldn't invest in before. Think about different flowers or your dream venue or decorations. Or you may want to hold the extra money in the bank to pay off vendors sooner. Maybe a longer video from your videographer or you can invest in more the photographer staying longer, for instance. Your honeymoon may be able to be more elaborate as well. You can chat with airlines and take advantage of deals they will have trying to get their loyal customers back.



Your first wedding may have had financial restraints or you just plain ran out of time to do everything before the wedding. Now you can take care of them in a timely fashion and complete the original vision for your wedding. On your second go-round, things will be easier and more precise. You will be more knowledgeable than you ever were before and now you both can plan something you love together.



Next year's weddings will probably be the least stressful weddings ever.

Everything is pretty much done already! Sure there will be a few tweaks here and there, but for the most part, they are all done.


Friends and family may be able to make it now. Think about your best friend who is pregnant now and by next year, she will have a brand new baby that can attend the wedding. How great that would that they can celebrate with you!



There are like mountains and mountains of pros to delaying your wedding. (too many to talk about here) Just know that the more positive you are about this time, the better your wedding will be.


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