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Meaningful first look ideas before the ceremony

Updated: Feb 26

If you are looking for ‘first look’ options, then here are some beautiful ones to try without breaking tradition. There are many variations to these looks. There are creative people out there. Read these options and come up with some of your own.


Some couples want to be more traditional and still opt for a modern twist on weddings. The best option is for them to get blindfolded. It is simple to put on without messing your outfit and hair. You can touch, hug, snuggle up to, breath in, kiss, lick (you get the point) each other without risking seeing one another before you walk down the aisle to say “I do!”


This is my favorite, but it takes a bit of planning. Walking towards each other in reverse direction to stand back-to-back is a prodigious way to share some stunning time together before arriving at the altar. This technique creates exciting scenes for your wedding photographer to be able to capture the beauty of your relationship and emotions before the waterworks at the altar. Note: some ‘first looks’ produce waterworks.


The beauty of this idea is that it can be done anywhere- such as around corners, through doorways, etc. In the ‘Reach-and-Pray’, the groom stands anywhere hidden and the bride comes from the other side and holds his hands, usually to pray together or just feel one another’s soft caresses. The moment can create spiritual and emotional scenes that are beautiful to capture on camera.

Exchange Letters

Probably my most favorite of these ‘first looks’ is not really a first look at all. It is still just as meaningful to capture though. Exchanging letters through a person of honor like the dad, mom Best man, or Maid of Honor enhances the experience and exaggerates the emotions of the letter. The letter of itself can often be a tear-jerker, reading what your significant other thinks about you and how you make them feel. These letters often make for great memories when kept for years in a safe place

Try any of these ideas to share a meaningful moment before the ceremony and capture some beautiful images even before walking down the aisle.