Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I just got a chance to settle down and see the pictures from my birthday party and when I tell you I'm overwhelmed... Thank you! For capturing the moments and for being so kind, so genuine and wonderful people. I'm so thankful. I need to get my bid in for my next event ASAP!


-Stacy P. Wilson




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Alayna's Bat Mitzvah

I just wanted to focus in on this lovely young lady for a moment- her Bat Mitzvah and birthday was the weekend after she took these pictures. Alayna's grace and soft personality were so apparent when I stepped into the synagogue on Thursday. She was joined by her grandparents, mother and father, and her brother, David.

David's personality was outshining (I could literally write a blog on him alone.)

She was so excited to reach such a milestone in her life and it showed. She is such a thankful person as she called her family and friends to light the candles with her and she showed so much gratitude. Her grandparents and parents were paramount supports

in her life and it was unmistaken as she became overwhelmed with emotion while calling them up on stage.

At the end of the day, everyone partied, jumped, laid, galloped, played like there was no tomorrow. Here are a few other images of the day.