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5 senior portrait tips to make them stand out from everyone else

Updated: Feb 17

So, it's no secret that a little friendly competition circulates the hallways and classrooms for those who will come out on top for the best senior portrait from their photographer. Yearbook pictures that are shot on a grey background are played out and you are exploring more exciting ways to celebrate leaving high school and becoming your own man or woman.

If you are one that wants to find out how to get the sexiest or most handsome senior pictures taken, throw on some hip-hop radio study beats and digest these quick tips that will help you do just that.

1. Expression

So, if you do not know why a senior photoshoot image might jump out at you, it could probably be because of expression. Expression in an image is like a love letter that you may have received in elementary school. It gives us a feeling. We can relate to expression in an image. If you are happy and your expression in that image clearly shows it, others will relate to it and it automatically creates a sense of happiness to the viewer of that image. This also works for when you look at your own image.

2. Relax

The more relaxed you are, the more fun you have. The more fun you have, the more attractive and magnetic your pictures become because I will be able to capture candid moments and candid moments tend to be more favored over posed pictures

3. Don't stress about posing

I've had a lot of seniors ask me about what poses they should do. What makes the best pose? What pose makes the best picture? Pinterest is usually their friend through the months leading up to the session. While it is totally ok to pick a pose or two that you love, just know two things.

#1 If it's on the internet (specifically Pinterest), you're not the only one picking that pose. What happens is the poses start to become cliche and non- original which then makes everyone's image the same

#2 There isn't a "one pose-fits-all." At D3D Photography and Videography, one of our best skills is posing.

4. Move

In three words. Movement is awesome! Let me explain. Images, unlike video, are static shots. They can still tell powerful stories of a day in your life. The perception of movement, however, in a photograph, brings a type of dynamic that increases interest in a photograph and therefore, the story. Examples of this can be clothing blowing in the wind or opening doors.

5. Beautify

Normally, a Makeup artist has this job but you can also help assist in this process. If you want to have great photos, LOOKING and FEELING, or looking AND feeling your best goes a long way to creating a "knock-out" senior portrait!


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