We know you never imagined having to reschedule your wedding when you got engaged… Covid-19 has affected people in many ways. Your plans have been temporarily disrupted, not to mention your family and friends now need to reconsider their plans once a new date is set. But...

There is a silver lining in all of this.


 Big weddings, small, or just the two of you- your wedding day will celebrate the two of you coming together as one. Now is the perfect time to lock in your dream venues and wedding vendors. 

Many couples have opted out of a huge wedding to just managing a small wedding with their closest friends and family. Whether you've decided that it will just be the two of you or you want to invite a few people, your guests (no matter how small) are going to be ready to celebrate, gather and party with you now more than ever before. 

Let me encourage you that this day will undoubtedly be the best day of your lives!

Our top reasons you should consider
a small wedding 
You make me feel so....
Small weddings are FILLED with emotion. When you have only your closest friends and family around you, people tend to be more vulnerable with their feelings and emotions. Documenting emotionally- charged moments like this is everything to us and our couples.
I'm so worry-free
Let's be totally honest here. Planning a smaller wedding is way less stressful. When you are less trying to please over 200 people and picking out dresses for the bridesmaids who don't agree with your decision and everything coming together, you get to be more present in every moment.
I get to be center of attention
You should enjoy your own wedding. When couples focus too much on pleasing everyone on the day, there is less focus on you. This is your day. When there are fewer guests, or even just the two of you, the focus is entirely on you!

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