How to Virtually

Plan and


your Wedding.

Yes, Wedding planners typically handle the planning of weddings, but I am going one step further and bring you answers on how to plan a virtual wedding. Honestly, we’ve been in the house since, what, March? Honestly, I’m over it. How about you all that had to cancel your wedding on a whim because of this pandemic. Desperate times call for desperate measures it seems.


Earlier in the month, I wrote about the pros of postponing your wedding  for a later date. However, if you cannot wait to marry your best friend, then stay tuned because I am going to inspire you on how to virtually plan (and live stream) your own wedding. There is now a new normal and that new normal is technology. It is time to get creative in this digital age of computers. Innovation is now the new traditional. Let’s get to it.


  1. Virtual Venue Tours 

Many wedding venues are offering personal site tours via FaceTime and Skype! You can take a walk through the virtual wedding space along with the on-site coordinator and talk through what your wedding would look like post Covid-19. So yes, one thing that the Coronavirus has taught us is to think outside the box. What a great chance to get to know the venue coordinator and discuss details, straight from your couch. It’s like getting a front row seat at a (insert your favorite sport) minus the popcorn.


    2. Virtual Vendor Consultations

Some wedding things cannot be accomplished virtually- like you can’t have a virtual hair and makeup trial and you can’t have a cake tasting, and you certainly can’t get engagement pictures (darn!) - but you can meet with all the necessary vendors online & pick your faves. They can show you samples of their best galleries and works and you all can converse over email, Skype, Facetime, etc. about packages & necessary agreements. These things have already been in place as options before but now this is our only choice while we wait patiently wait for this pandemic to blow over.


    3. Virtual Pre-Wedding Events

Many people have already postponed their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic since way back in March, but I will suggest to reconnect and spend some quality time with your wedding party and guests that were to come celebrate with you. Zoom seems to be the platform of choice ever since we’ve been social distancing and quarantined to our houses. Consider having a live- stream bridal shower or even a virtual cocktail hour! Trust me, if you are bummed about your wedding being cancelled, this will definitely lift your spirits.


If you're a modern couple who wants and NEEDS to get married NOW, then a live stream wedding is for you! Here’s a list of what to do.

  • Choose a streaming service
    There are a lot of great, free streaming services out there. Consider a platform like Zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live. And if you can't decide on just one, stream to multiple websites so your guests have options?
    WebWed Mobile offers private live stream weddings along with the option to get your marriage license and an officiant through the app. And Wedfuly will facilitate your Zoom wedding ceremony—completely free!


  • Coordinate Vendors
    Even if all non-essential businesses are technically closed, your officiant can still perform the wedding ceremony entirely online. No gathering required! To make it legal, you'll want to get your marriage license signed and mailed in just as soon as you're able to.


      Disclaimer: Many states require an in-person officiant, and possibly even a witness, be physically present to make a marriage legally binding. Be sure to check your particular state's requirements before deciding on a virtual wedding. But hey, you can always marry now, make it legal later!


  • Invite Guests
    Since you're getting married virtually, why not go the digital route with your wedding invitations, too? Companies like Paperless Post and Greenvelope deliver elegant electronic invitations that mimic the experience of opening a "traditional" printed invitation.


  • Set Up

        Put your phone or tablet on a tripod, open up the windows for some pretty natural light, frame the ceremony with some beautiful                  flowers, and put some music on to set the mood. You may also want to have a champagne toast on hand to pop bottles post-ceremony!

         Make sure your guests mute their audio until after your vows and first kiss happen.



  • Dress Up
    This may not be the exact day that you envisioned, but you can still be a vision on your big day, right? Choose to wear THE dress or go for something a little more casual (perhaps the dress you planned for your rehearsal dinner). Guys can throw on that formal tux or go for sharp jeans and a sport coat. This is your day, so dress up however you want


  • Throw a Virtual After Party

        Time for the reception.  A great platform and one of my faves is Google Hangouts. It’s relaxed and fun, just like your party will be.             Some ideas you might want to think of include having a first dance, order a cake from your favorite caterer nearby for delivery or make a        cake. Give guests a recipe for a special drink. If you’re not a great mixologist, contact one of those bartender vendors that you “e- met” and get a recommendation. This will be a great way to get the vendors feeling “back to normal”, you know since we can’t do what we love in person at this time. Also, people can take turns making a toast. You can totally cap off a great wedding with a virtual reception.


Even if you have a digital ceremony today, you can STILL have your dream wedding later.

 By the time your new wedding date comes around, it will be a breeze because you would have had all you’re vendors lined up and in place, you would've already seen and decided on your dream venue to have your real wedding at, the and you're already married to your best friend so you get to marry him TWICE!


Get out there and go get married!!


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