8 Ideas for stay at home engagement date nights 

In these current times of a pandemic, couples are looking for ways to facilitate fresh new ideas for date nights. Luckily, there are hundreds of ideas that you may not have thought of. Are they expensive? Thankfully, many of these ideas cost little to no money. They only cost you a little time with your bae. I created this list to inspire you with these fabulous and romantic date night ideas that you can try at home!

Photo by René Porter 

#1 Plan a picnic

Get you a blanket and make a picnic basket of tasty sandwiches, fruits, candy, or funnel cake (mmmm). Spread that blanket in the middle of the living room floor and have yourselves a blast enjoying one another's company.

#2 Scavenger hunts are so fun

Scavenger hunts are very fun to do because they require minimal energy to create and are loads of fun. You can make them as short or long as you want. Google online tutorials on Scavenger hunts and you will see pages and pages of ideas. I enjoy a great payoff at the end.

#3 Cook together

Try that new recipe that you have been eyeing for a while. Cooking together is a great memory for both people of you. If you both don't know how to cook, learn together. There are so many apps and Youtube videos that show you how.


















#4 Create a coupon book for one another

I once created a coupon book that had a coupon for everything that my future bride liked. (back/ foot rubs, favorite meals, dress- up days, sex positions, etc.) I'm not  lying about the sex positions. She can cash in a coupon for what she wants, when she wants it. It's so fun. Let your imagination go wild!!















#5 Nothing wrong with drinking games (Disclaimer: Must be 21 or older 😁)


 Google "drinking games" and there are loads and loads of fun ideas to have a crack at. Personally, getting drunk together at home with your loved one beats going out sober with friends anytime.

#6 Search for and list restaurants that you MUST visit

Me and my girl are foodies. There are so many restaurants that we have not tried yet, and when this whole pandemic is over, we will try. Make a list of at least 20-25 restaurants that is a must that you visit and just have that at your fingertips for when we get the green light. Take advantage of the frequent sales on Restaurant.com to get a certificate to a local, pricier restaurant.


















#7 Have fun photoshoots at home

This is my favorite, of course, because I am a photographer. Take pictures of one another to not only have an activity to do at home but too also add a little spice in your lives. Get kinky if your relationship allows it. Tip: Schedule it like a real photoshoot. It adds to the anticipation

#8 Role Play

Remember that vivid imagination you had when you was a kid. Now is the time to let it loose. Figure out what you all will be on a night of fun and pretend to be that person. I'm gonna play this game tonight. She's gonna be the flight attendant and I'm gonna be the flirty passenger. (Relevant, right?) ​




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