Picking your picture-perfect wedding photographer


The proposal was perfect. The decorations are coming together. The meal plans are finalized, and wedding attire is bought. You are two months out from the wedding and no photographer has been chosen to take the photos for your perfect wedding. Here is information on how to choose the right photographer for your day. 


You See the Photographer All Day


On the couple’s wedding day, they will spend more time with the photographer than anyone else. The photographer will be there to photograph the candid photos of the morning, during the ceremony to capture the guests and the newlyweds and the final shots of the reception. 

Because the photographer will be there all day, the couple must pick a photographer with a personality that fits them. They must see this photographer as a friend that they will have to hang out with all day. The couples must use the research process to decipher if they are kindred with the photographer. This helps with ease and comfortability during the photos. 

This will also be the time to learn the photographer’s experience and professionalism. 


Photographer’s Portfolio


Not only should the photographer be compatible because the couple sees them all day, both parties must comprehend each other’s vision and style. 


This is where the portfolio is needed to view the photographer’s experience and their professionalism. Couples need to communicate if their style matches the photographer’s style. The couple may want a photographer who uses natural lighting, but the photographer uses flash photography. The couple may want glossy photographs, but the couple prefers matte. All this information needs to be conveyed with both parties involved. 


The portfolio should provide couples diverse sets of images seen on a wedding day – various angles, candid photos, lighting. The goal is to find a photographer who is established and has experience tackling any wedding scenario. 


The Contract

Couples need to go over the contract to figure what they are getting for their budget. This may include how long the photographer is around for the day, how many digital or print photos the couple will receive, what size photos they will receive or if the photographer will put together a photo album. 


Voice all concerns while reviewing the contract to ensure there are no blurred lines the day of the wedding or when payment is rendered. 



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