Why should you hire a professional photographer?

As the Executive of your company, you want to put on the BEST and most memorable event this year. You have goals besides just throwing a great get-together. It could include acquiring more donors, increasing visibility, honoring excellent achievements, fundraising, etc. When we shoot your event, we keep the underlying goals in mind so that there will be a buzz over the internet about your event long after it is over, in addition to very attractive images to use in your marketing strategies. 

We focus on capturing these memorable moments so that you can enjoy your event and make it the BEST it can be.


 My goal is simply to capture the very essence of your occasion and provide the best and most unique images I can and hopefully it can hold your attention for some time.     

Our Approach

The one skill that cannot be taught as an event photographer is being in the right place at the right time. As event photographers, we are hired to capture life as it unfolds, and usually there are no second chances, so the ability to anticipate a moment and get in position to photograph it is crucial.

Great event photography is all about anticipation. It’s about being in tune with the mood and flow of an event and sensing what may be about to happen and getting in the right position. I enjoy finding new and exciting ways to photograph each moment that happens. My style is less about rules and more about how I feel in the moment and capturing raw emotions which can be seen in my photographs.

We know how exciting it is to see the final images- all the laughs, all the interesting moments, and most importantly seeing yourself in action on the dance floor, so we have made it a commitment to turnaround at least 25 of your images and memories within 24 hours. The rest of the images will be ready within 1 week of the event!

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D3D Photography and Videography values telling your story through authentic, personal, and emotive images. We photograph weddings, engagement sessions, and wedding anniversaries. We also offer many other types of photography including senior, family, fashion, and corporate.

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