I don't know who started it but the etiquette for weddings to not include children has been more and more popularized and for good reason. Everyone has their own reasons to have a "childless wedding." The reason may be because the thought of the little kid (or baby) disrupting the ceremony with the urge to sing baby shark loudly has you moving towards that decision. It might be the concern for safety for the child, the bridal party, bride, groom, videographers and photographers. Maybe it's the fear of lil' Jimmy sticking his fingers in the wedding cake to win a bet about the flavor of the cake.

"See, I told you it was chocolate streusel!!"

Whatever the reason, the childless wedding is becoming more and more popular, and the anxiety for the bride to tell their loved ones that they cannot bring their kids is becoming more and more heartwrenching. That's why we've compiled a list of 3 things to ease your anxiety when it comes to telling your loved ones- no kids.


3 polite ways to tell your loved ones no kids at the wedding

1. RSVP exact names

If you place exact names on the RSVP form, the assumption is that only those people are invited. However, this method doesn't always work.


The problem with this is that not everyone has the same RSVP etiquette as everyone else. Lil' Jimmy is an extension of Mrs. Walker and therefore she doesn't count Jimmy as a separate body. In fact, if she's invited, it would only make sense that he is ALSO invited. This is a good option, but not full-proof.

2. Word it differently


Let's be politically correct here. "No kids" sounds very harsh and negative. Saying "adult-only" is a much more pleasant way to say the same thing. We know what you mean. If you are worried about hurting feelings, then this method can work great. The Knot explains how to use this type of dialogue to your advantage. I suggest reading it. You can invite your family and your conscience will be free because politely explaining it is an adult-only wedding might ease your anxiety. If this method still has your stomach churning, then the third method might be for you.



3.  Invite them


My personal favorite way to say no kids is to actually invite them!


"Say What!!"


                               Hear me out.

Let's say you tell your aunt no kids, and as a result, she RSVPs "not coming" because she cannot find a babysitter. I have a solution for this very situation. Tell your aunt she can come to the wedding and you will have babysitters on-site to watch Lil Jimmy. Companies like Black- Tie Babysitting will watch your kid(s) on-site for as long as you want them too during the wedding. They get the red carpet treatment (in fact, that's what they are big on) with games and various activities to keep their minds occupied so that lil' Jimmy is not tempted to put his hand in the cake to find out the flavor.


Now if you want to put your hand in the cake, then I suppose we have bigger fish to fry and I am not doing a list on THAT.


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