Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I just got a chance to settle down and see the pictures from my birthday party and when I tell you I'm overwhelmed... Thank you! For capturing the moments and for being so kind, so genuine and wonderful people. I'm so thankful. I need to get my bid in for my next event ASAP!


-Stacy P. Wilson




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Why I love what I Do

A story about why I love working with people

Hi! I'm Damon Decker, a photographer based in Washington DC. I am an individual with a passion for creativity, a love for people, and a personality for fun. Full disclosure. I'm goofy, funny, loads of fun, intelligent, insightful, trustworthy, understanding, creative, and most importantly, caring. I am a natural nurturer and I care about you & the event or project that I will be servicing or completing.




I became a photographer and videographer for my love of creating stories around different individuals. I coupled this love for stories with the fact that it's so fun to find out about YOU. It's fun for me to understand how YOU work, and what makes YOU unique. This intrigues me because then I can create an authentic representation of  YOU on your wedding day, in a promotional video, or in a headshot.

I have a customer service background of over 20 years, so my #1 goal when I meet you is to wow you with customer service. I truly believe that customer service is the pinnacle of a great experience. After all, would you go back to a restaurant with great food but horrible customer service?

I always approach my projects from a relationship standpoint where you and I have a mutually beneficial relationship where we are learning from one another. It's a collaboration where whatever I capture is authentically an extension of your personality.